March Meeting 2016 Malta

IFMSA-Kurdistan have participated in 65th General Assembly of International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations in Malta, from 2nd to 8th of March 2016. With eight high post delegation from both erbil and sulemany local committees #MM2016Malta #KurdistanMedicalStudents.
IFMSA-KURDISTAN delegation have participated in all standing committees sesions,theme event and trainings in all 6 days .. IFMSA-Kurdistan had a delegation of 8 people whom were:
Danar Ali: President, Head of delegation.
Ali Omer: VPI
Hasan Shareef: Alumni Director
Dara Banna: Former President
Miran Karwan: NEO
Soz Hakim: NORA
Reben Al-Qazi: LORE
Ranj M. Najim: Former VPE
The delegation was originally 13 delegates but unfortunately 5 of them couldn’t attend the
meeting because of visa issues. Naming:
Soma Abdulla: NPO
Mateen Al dosakee: SecGen
Mohammed Kamil: VPE
Olvan Jumaa: LP
Eizdeen Hasan: NORP