Become A Member of IFMSA

  • Join IFMSA-Kurdistan to facilitate partnerships with international organization working on health, education and social issues;
  • Join IFMSA-Kurdistan to have the opportunity to take part in clinical exchanges around the world;
  • Join IFMSA-Kurdistan to provide you a network across the globe, including student leaders, project managers and activists, so that you can learn from and be motivated by each other;
  • Join IFMSA-Kurdistan to provide an international framework in which medical student projects can be realized;
  • Join IFMSA-Kurdistan to empower and train yourself to become an advocate in leading social change.

To join IFMSA-Kurdistan and become an official member, contact the Local President (LP) any Local Board (LB) member within your University or Local Committee (LC).

HMU/College of Medicine

Hawler local President
Alibag Dana
Phone No. :   +964 750 424 53 18

University of Sulemany/college of Medicine 

Sulemany local President
Shewaz Tariq
Phone No. : +964 770 768 99 56

Duhok University faculty of Medicine 

Duhok local President
Alind Bandi
Phone No. :   +964 750 315 30 00