Who we are

IFMSA-Kurdistan is A member of the IFMSA family. It was established in 2009 in Hawler city of Iraqi Kurdistan region of Iraq. It is as other member organizations worldide, Non-Governmental Non-Political organization. It is ran by medical students and only active medical students can be a member of this organization.

What we do

IFMSA-Kurdistan have done hundreds of projects in public health, reproductive and aids,Medical Education and Human rights field till now, IFMSA-Kurdistan Provide a forum for medical students throughout Kurdistan/Iraq to discuss topics related to individual and community health, education and science and to formulate policies from such discussions.

Founded in  2009

in 3 cities

+ 400 students

Last news

HBS test and awareness

This time SCOPH Committee carried out a project about HBS test among street food Sellers. As we all know our surrounding environment could be a major source for many types...
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IFMSA’s Grand Event

After two weeks of hard work, we are happy to announce that our campaign was completed successfully and was concluded with our event, "IFMSA's Grand Event." The event was held...
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March Meeting 2016 Malta

IFMSA-Kurdistan have participated in 65th General Assembly of International Federation of Medical Students' Associations in Malta, from 2nd to 8th of March 2016. With eight high post delegation from both...
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